Thread, colours and dexterity are the key ingredients for successful embroidery.

Whether you’re classic, eccentric, creative or original, we are able to realize all of your wishes without restriction.

Used solely or multiplied and spread over a bigger area, we can realize all kind of embroideries:
Logo’s, monograms, coat of arms, initials or geometrical shapes can be adapted in size or enhanced with coloured threads in order to get more varied effects.

Embroideries can be realized on a wide range of products of which you can find some examples:


Bedding Linens

Bath Linens


Birth and wedding presents

embroided bed linens

embroided bath linens embroided accessories embroided birth and wedding presents



From the idea to the realization:

Each project goes through the following process: Create a sketch > Validation by the customer > Production > Shipping

If you want more information about our embroidery services, don't hesistate to contact us:

Mail: contact@modus-vivendi.com