The company


Founded in 1992, Modus Vivendi exists thanks to the coming together of three women in search of an exceptional product to satisfy a very real demand in household linen.
Since several years, Anne Speeckaert has taken the lead on the company's activities.

Our company specializes in customized tailor-made linen to satisfy growing customer requests: linen made to meet specific measurements.

Our in-house philosophy is to stay in line with the long tradition of high-range products. Our main mission is to take into account customer needs at all times and to offer personalized service. Our workshop, which has been collaborating with prestigious names for a long time, guides us through this adventure.

Making the best of this close partnership, their knowledge and experience in traditional linen help build up to date collections with real potential. To go even further in the household universe we offer quality fabric and the most simple and most sophisticated finishes, collections of bed linen, bathroom sets, table linen and children collections together with a multitude of accessories. Projects (home, hotel, restaurant) excel in accomplishing refinement and charm, bringing THAT extra touch.

This is how the journey beings....



We deliver both private and professional customers, may it be for standard orders or to supply the entire house linens for customers acquiring a new house or refurbshing it.

We do also have a series of professional customers that trust us, such as interior designers, embassies or hotels.


Offices & Showroom

Our offices and showroom are open:
- From tuesday to thursday, from 10am to 6pm
- On friday from 10am to 4pm

Avenue Roger Vandendriessche 18

1150 Bruxelles


Tel: 02/779.11.41