Bedding linens

A good night’s sleep depends on great bedding ...

Ultimate softness is in the air with percale cotton, Egyptian Cotton percale, Sateen cotton and other fabrics...available in many varieties and finishing to enhance the most intimate area of your house.

These sets of tailor-made bed linen will bring real atmosphere into your room. From elegant sobriety to a ‘fairy-tale’ feel that will enchant all little that sunny feel of refined happiness.

pillowcases embroided made to measure
Duvet & Quilt Covers
duvet & quilt covers embroided made to measure
Bed Sheets
Bed sheets embroided made to measure
Flat and Fitted Sheets
flat and fitted sheets embroided made to measure

Our pillowcases offer exquisite quality using noble fabrics, their simplicity echoed by refined and colourful finishing touches, designs that perfectly meet the demands of eventhe most needy of customers.

We offer an extensive range of possibilities from the children’s room to that of theparents. So many different combinations that will bring softness to your nights, whilstproviding absolute comfort.


Our duvet covers help complete the sense of harmony and elegance of your room, withdesigns that embellish your nights.

Here noble and natural fabrics are the rule: percale cotton, Egyptian Cotton percale, linen, Sateen cotton.

The designs offer a large array of finishing touches, with customized embroidery with a design that suits you best, giving an innovative feel that guarantees a timeless and unique product.


Sheet wise, over the years sheets remain the essential traditional asset for your bedroom whilst remaining the best option to guarantee freshness during hot summers.

Refinement and tradition brighten your room with timeless elegance as an ally.

To guarantee comfort night after night the finishing touches combine sophisticated colors with high quality fabric. Our embroidery incites your creativity and calls for personalized touches allowing for a unique design to be passed on down the generations.



By combining the traditional know-how with the refinement, an elegant vision is suggested for the bottom sheet, which will reach your expectations regard comfort.

Whether light or voluptuous, overflowing or tailor-made for the bed, the “tailor-made” approach responds to this art of living defined by multiple personal criteria.

Elaborated carefully, season after season, this bottom sheet, carefully cleaned, keeps its appearance over time. Its longevity ensured, the increasingly soft touch guarantees pleasant nights.