Bath linens

Simplicity and refinement are key when choosing bathroom linen to best suit tastes and needs.

Essential tokens of well-being, our toweling fabrics combine “the feel good factor” with “lifestyle”. Each towel is designed with special finishing touch care that brings softness and luxuriousness.

bath and shower towels made to measure
Wash Gloves and sheets
wash gloves and sheets made to measure
bathrobes made to measure
Bath Mats
high quality bath mats

Quality, a supple feel and softness are key to our bathroom linen.These toweling fabrics, made according to your needs, enhance your lifestyle.

They can be embroidered and made with a large choice of finishing touches to embellish your home.



Discover our range of small sheets and wash gloves for your bathroom and cloakroom

The softness of these toweling fabrics is absolutely luxurious, with a wide variety of choice, enhancing the lifestyle that you want.

Wishing to satisfy each and every need and to help guide you with your project we offer a wide set of designs, colours and finishing touches to personalize your needs


Luxury dressing gowns offer that essential and important feeling of comfort and well-being.

Such an item as a gift for yourself or others, soft and comfortable for the refined customer, who cares about quality and seeks unique products.


These luxurious toweling fabrics allow us to create refined bath mats thanks to great technical and creative skills.

The colour selection, the choice of size and personalisation are decided with the future owner.

Absorption capacity is maximized thanks to the highest quality toweling made of pure cotton.